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Industry Professional Backcountry Workshop F.A.Q. Page

BONUS !! Backcountry Access has generously donated a Beacon, Shovel, & probe so every student will have quality gear to train with at the workshop.

What are these?
The workshops are designed to educate people about backcountry skiing. Specifically, avalanche awareness, companion rescue, and backcountry ski skills.

What kind of activities can I expect to participate in during the workshop?
The workshops will have various elements. Introduction of common backcountry practices and gear will be covered. Beacon practice and rescue scenarios will be a priority. Avalanche awareness topics will be discussed throughout the day. Route finding, travel techniques, and trip planning will be part of the curriculum, as well as discussion about snowpack, weather, and avalanche observations.

Who are they for?
These workshops are designed specifically for outdoor industry professionals. Ski instructors, shop employees, gear manufactures, resort employees, and other industry pros are welcome to register. As well as the person who is interested in backcountry skiing, sidecountry skiing, heli skiing, and generally off piste skiing.

Where will they take place?
The first two workshops will be held in the backcountry near Tahoe City, CA.
The third workshop will be held on Mt. Shasta, CA.

Where will we meet?
Alpenglow Sports Tahoe City, CA.
The Fifth Season, CA

What time does the workshop start and end?
In North Lake Tahoe we will meet at Alpenglow at 0:00am and then finish around 4-5pm.
In Mt. Shasta we will meet at the Fifth Season at 0:00am and then finish around 4-5pm.

How much do they cost? $40

Why is it so inexpensive? The workshops are essentially a community service. None of the registration fees are kept by Rich Meyer. They simply cover the cost of permits, waivers, insurance, etc..

Do I need to register or reserve a spot?
Yes! Workshops will be limited to 8 participants. You will need to fill out registration forms, liability waivers and pay in advance.

How do I register? Who do I pay?
The North American Ski Training Center is the workshop provider. Please contact and fill out an enrollment request online. Be sure to highlight that you are signing up for the “Industry Pro Backcountry Workshop” with RichMeyer. .
Shasta Mountain Guides is the workshop provider. Please contact SMG to register for the class.
Be sure to highlight that you want to sign up for for the “Industry Pro Backcountry Workshop” with RichMeyer

Who is teaching these?
The workshops are being hosted by Shasta Mountain Guides and The North American Ski Training Center and will be taught by Rich Meyer. Rich is an AIARE certified avalanche instructor and backcountry ski guide of over a dozen years.

What gear do I need to bring?
Backcountry ski equipment (Ski or snowboard gear that is designed to travel uphill as well as down hill) Typically this means Alpine Touring gear and Skins. Splitboards and Telemark gear are welcome as well. Snow shoes and cross-country gear are discouraged. Please e-mail for details. Appropriate clothing for being in winter conditions for the day. Shell gear, hat, gloves, goggles, sunglasses, food, water, extra warm layers, sunscreen,
For Mt. Shasta be sure to bring Ice Axe, Helmet, and crampons!
Consider renting gear at:
Alpenglow in Tahoe City. 530-583-6917.
The Fifth Season in Mt. Shasta. 530-926-3606

Alpenglow latest info:
We've partnered with Alpenglow Sports in order to provide discounted rentals for workshop participants. Beacons, shovels, probes, skis, boots, skins, and adjustable poles will be available at discounted rates. A credit card, drivers license and deposit are required for daily rentals. Alpenglow is willing to discount a la carte items as well if needed. Rentals can be picked up the evening before the event or at Alpenglow on the morning of. Call ahead to reserve your gear ! 530-583-6917

Fifth Season latest info:

How good of a skier do I need to be?
Strong intermediate to advanced. Backcountry skiing can be extremely challenging if the conditions are not cooperating.

How fit do I need to be?
Good physical condition. We will be traveling uphill in a diverse mountain environment that may include rigorous physical work.

More Questions?
e-mail me at: