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"Common wisdom says that there are three things you should always take into the backcountry: beacon, shovel, and probe. There's an fourth, though, and it's equally as important: education. Even though I was already Avy 1 certified, a single day with Rich at his BC Industry Pro Workshop helped me to see the mountain in new and different ways and was a great refresher course. If both having fun and being safe are important to you, you couldn't choose a better guide than Rich."

- Stephen Anspach, Founder,


"Just wanted to say thanks again for the strong role you've played in my (very rapid) mountain skills development, and the encouragement and email commentary and support you've provided. You're a great teacher. Of course, climbing with you as a guide on Mt. Shasta was a pleasure, but you should also know that your intro to bckcountry skiing course I took late last season was the direct inspiration that gave me the confidence to tackle the glaciers of Mt. Baker on skis with two climbing buddies this past summer. That entire trip, I was grateful for everything you taught me, for the expertise you bring to everything you do, the generosity with which you share your knowledge--and the fun I always have learning with you as the leader. I'm really looking forward to continuing that learning this year... perhaps on some more big volcanoes."

-Bryan Wright, Eddie Bauer/First Ascent


"As a guide in another industry, I went into this course with very high expectations. They were met, 100%. I have worked with many professional guides and Rich is a true leader. Knowledgeable and humorous he made sure we were all safe and comfortable… and having a great time. Thanks for a great day of learning Rich."

-Ruth Gordon, International Kayak guide & World Champion


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